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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i am harris faulkner. we are live in fox report. an active weather night. coming in the fox news room. reports of tornados, some confirmed by the national weather service and two touching down in new york city and two suspected twisters hitting outside of our nation's capitol and millions of americans living in states under watchs and warnings at this hour. where you need to be on the alert. it is beginning to set in. the reality of where our economy is. two men, each wanting to be
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president have 59 days to make their case to fix it. swing states in the middle of a dismal jobs report. most americans stop looking for work. >> this is not the kind of news that american people hoped forr and deserve. i am here to tell you things are better. >> when our opoints say it is in decline they are dead wrong. we have the best workers in the world and entrepreneurs in the world. fox reports how the laste job numbers highlight what is at stake in the presidential election. >> and a new rest in the murder of u.s. border patrol. fast and furious. and in minutes what he learned
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about one of his suspected killers . >> also he was sentenced to die for refusing to renounce his christian faith . tonight, after sitting in a prison inside of iran, this pastor tasting great team. we begin with a fall out over disappointing jobs numbers. on the presidential campaign trail. mitt romney and president obama in states where voters will decide the outcome of the election. no slowing down on their fight who can put americans back to work. the problem for millions of americans. only 93,000 jobs create not enough to fuel a real recovery . 368,000 people left the work force and gave up looking for work . governor romney campaigning in the swing state of virginia
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saying that's not what hard-working americans deserve. he placed the blame on president obama for lack of leadership. >> this president has not fulfilled his promises and went to the democratic convention and had a lot of wonderful things to say but he didn't say what he would do to help people out of unemployment or poor back to the middle class. he doesn't have a plan or any idea and we have to make sure he doesn't have any more day white house ever january. -- after january. >> president obama in florida making a stop in tampa and orlando and president firing back at republican criticism that america has fallen into deline and accusing governor mitt romney of same talking pointos jobs. >> ed henry is traveling with the president in florida and we'll go to carl cameron where
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mr. obama-- is located. >> what he is doing. he is taking the pledge of allegiance and find ways in which to criticize president obama and that is a reference with the removal of god and restoration of it after controversy in charlotte. here is a sham line. sampling. >> one under god. i will not take god out of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of the my heart. we are a nation that is bestowed
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by god. >> that was romney in virginia beach. a heavy military area and lots was military familis and he was particularly tough on president obama saying he would cut a trillion out of the defense and let the fiscal cliff with sequestitration and the country go off of it and allowing military cuts and costing job in virginia. which is a battle ground state. >> karl, now that the conventions are over. should we expect big policy speeches? >> there will be a couple here and there. the candidates are bracing for the debate season. that is four out of five in october. three presidential and one vice-presidential. we saw the policy in the convention. president obama wants it a choice between his policy mitt romney's policiless . mr. romney said no, it is a referundum because the
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president's record gives no hope to the american people of the change that the president promised four years ago. harris. >> karl, 59 dayings here we go. president obama in the swing state of the florida today. the president acknowledging the trouble and making his case as the man to fix them if voters will give him four more year white house. >> i am asking you not to rally around but a set of goals for our country in manufacturing and education and energy and national security. reducing the deficit. i have a plan that will lead o new jobs and more opportunity and rebuild the economy on a found adings and we can keep making the kinds of progress that is needed over the next four years which is the reason i am running for a second term. because i am confident we can get where we can go? team fox coverage with edhenry
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in florida. 29 electoral votes and latino vote. >> that's why the president one of his stops along the way was a cuban sandwich shop and he realizes they are important not just in florida but out west. democrats think they have demographics on their side and that can tip the balance in key battle grounds. he realizes that it is going to be a referundum on his record and dismal jobs is hanging over the president as he's out on the campaign trail. if you heard he was fired up with big crowds in florida. he admitted there is a lot more work to do. >> we have made progress. but ... but we know we haven't made enough. we have got more work to do. no one is satisfied with the status quo.
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there are too many folks out there who need a job and too many folks with homes under water. we have a lot of work to do. >> now despite the jobs report, the obama campaign feels good about the democratic national convention. they got 700,000 donations. and they think they will get a bounce or momentum out of that convention. >> on the campaign trail they will get help from a name this week. >> someone we saw with a prominent name. bill clinton, the former president . they have had a rocky relationship . they are coming back together after a tough 2008 primary between obama and mrs. clinton. bill clinton will be in florida . president obama is making a joke about it in saying that look, he's somebody who can make the case for the democrats and the
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president said he saw a tweet that bill clinton should be in charge secretary of explaining stuff. the word was not stuff it was another word but he was cleaning it up for the audience. >> i am sure they appreciated that. ed henry thank you. and a fox news weather alert. strong storms rolling through the northeast this even bringing flooding and damaging winds and we are watching it happen in new york city. tornado watches remain in affect. right here in queens . breezy point . this tornado spotted earlier and we just learned within the past hour the second twister touched down in the burrough in brooklyn. this is queens and this is new video in our news room. firefighters canvassed the beach front neighborhood and we have
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not heard them this week. sevore weather warning in carolina and far reaching storm system. maria molina is live and she's been busy today. >> harris, good to see you, and thanks to a strong cold front. and that is becomely produced a lot of severe weather that is kind of unusual for this time of year. we tend to see it in the months of spring time and april and may and when you tend to see the cold air enteracting with the cold air. we see it occurring in the time of year because of cool air and dry air behind the system and ahead of it warm and humid in parts of new england and all the way in the carolinas and why we have seen the explosive development of thunderstorms and two confirmed tornados in the new york city area. one in queens and kings county which is brooklyn new york .
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incredible to see two confirmed tornados one day. and fortunately as you get the line much storms and pushing through the area and get it behind the front you can see that severe weather threat diminishing. if you have imagines to show you. light rain in parts of new york city . a lot of you are seeing the dryer air push in and dry out . severe weather barnings are explained and you are no longer under a tornado watch. that is news for people in manhattan. that is western part of the massachusetts and connecticut . large hail and damaging wind gustings. these watches will go in affect later on tonight . while the tornado watch is expired in new york city and
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manhattan area and parts of eastern long island we are under a tornado watch until 9:00 p.m. eastern time . you can see more tornadic activities and producing heavy rain and angerous lightning and chance of flash flooding. and harris, unusual for this time of year, typically you see this in april, monday and -- may and june . september is not the severe season. >> rare to see that this time of year. as you have more information we'll bring you back on program. >> imprisoned in iran for his christian faith and facing execution because he would not renounce it. this pastor's prayers has been answered and we go live to the middle east for the developments . pandemonium in a high school football game. even the players sent running
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from the field for cover. what sparked this. take a look.
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>> the pastor sentenced to death. and yousef was incarcerated for refusing to renounce the christian faith. the how was representative and state department called for his release. >> what changed? >> harris, what you had the iranians switched it from refusing to reimbrace his old islamic faith to trying to convert other members of the islamic faith. he went hours from execution in 20 10 when he was sentence to
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death and being released after three years in jail for time serve howhe's with his family and arrested in 2009 for not converting back from christianity to islam. he was offered opportunitis and he never did and this was the court trying to find a way to let him out of the death penalty, they convicted him of prosliitizing to muslim. and you serve that and go off. and live up to the demands of three million twitter people. and also the u.s. state department andus house was representative. three million people had a huge affect in this case. how significant was the timing with this? >> it is very significant in terms was what we are dealing with on the international scale.
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iran is under pressure in terps of the nuclear program and becoming isolate canada closed the embassy inside of tehran and only two weeks away from the general assembly as they head to new york and prime minister and does president obama. iran uses the time before the general assembly to provide an act of good will and gain a bit of currency in the international community. if they think the release of the pastor, it seems little in terms of negotiating power when it comes to a nuclear program . and charges of blasphemy. she burned pages of the qu'ran. the judge granted bail for this
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girl yesterday. and the case drawing international attention to pakistan strict blasemy laws and used to prosecute christian settle personal vendetta the. a muslim cleric was arrested for implicating. she is 14 years old and learning disabled. her attorney is pushing to have her case thrown out. >> he served on the front line of america's third world. now arrest. the murder of u.s. border patrol agent briantery. also, in a situation lik this, seconds matter. there is actually a person inside of the truck you are about to see. the daring rescue to get him out. alive. at usaa, we believe honor is not
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>> tonight mexican federal police have rounded up a fifth suspected killer briantery. and he was on duty near the mexico border. as you know. agent terry's murder was in the center of the botched fast and furious gun smuggling ring.
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they left the united states and went to mexico and supposed to be tracked to gun cartel. two of those guns were found in the murder scene. >> this statement from representative issa. this is one more step to justice for the family of briantery. ultimately not only the bandid but those who put the gun in their hand must be held accountable. peter doocy is following the story. >> jesus mesa is in the custody of mexican authorities who apprehended him. five men are charged with the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. they are not saying which man fired the fatal shot. but all of the five then crossed the southern border to run drug
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smugglers and was spotted by the u.s. border patrol who engaged them in a fight that left agent terry dead. two of the suspects left behind were linked to a united states justice department sting fast and furious designed to let bad guys bay -- buy the guns and go across the border and hope they would build cases against the leader of drug cartel. they are trying to find out who is to blame for fast and furious. but president obama exerted executive privilege the house voted to hold eric in contempt but the doj declined to press charges. they should pick up this tuesday september lenth with a brand new
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hearing. harris? >> peter, thank you. >> we know they ricked their lives overseas and protecting our freedoms here at home. a group of republican lawmakers are concerned that brave men and women in uniform are not begin the right to vote and they are letting the pentagon know about it and the melee under the friday night lightts. this is a high school football game and this is becoming a mess and this is a violent mess. what started the brawl? [ female announcer ] think it's impossible to reduce the look of wrinkles after just one use? think again. [ female announcer ] with olay regenerist wrinkle revolution, it's possible to reduce the look of wrinkles in just 10 minutes. now you've seen it. experience it for yourself. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it?
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a far-reaching storm system. wracking up major damage as it sweeps over the northeast. severe weather watches. you can see it on the map. some of them are watches with a warning. caught on tape one of two confirmed tornados that touched down in the new york city today people are reporting downed trees and no reports of injuries there. we are getting all information. most recent tornado touched down in brooklyn and other in queens . diagram
4:31 pm
this puts wins up to cent miles per hour. and the breezy point surf club was hardest hit. it picked up industrial sized metal trash bince . harris, they are reporting an hour delay on all flights. >> i think people have a good
4:32 pm
idea of how densely populated we are and it is rare to see a twister hit an area that has this many people close together. >> it is a large impact and tornados are rare in new york city with almost 8 reported since 1965. that is not preventing the urge of caution. >> tornados can be localized. still, it doesn't necessarily cover a large area. but it is causing a lot of damage. and do it quickly. severe weather will continue in the east coast . one more note. u.s. open suspended play and will finish on monday for the fifth consectative year. >> thank you very much. >> another outbreak of storms blamed for death in oklahoma. four people including a child
4:33 pm
died when a string of severe thunderstorms passed through the northeastern part of the state. they knew it was coming but didn't know it was that bad . the system with cent miles per hour wind gusts knocked out electric power. a semitruck driver died when heavy winds flipped his big rig in a cement wall. >> now in afghanistan. a deadly explosion outside of the kabul headquarters. taliban claimed responsibility. said the intended target was a u.s. intelligence facility. all of the victims were afghan civilians and the bomber was 14 years d and may have been in response to a rally.
4:34 pm
senators asking leon panetta to make sure the soldiers get a chance to vote. they are asking for guarantee for the troops. molly just so people know. the law specifically requires that the defense department to set up a voters assistance office on every military base. is that happening? >> the inspector general checked on those voters assistance office and wrote in a report we attempted to contact are you percent of the enstallation and bases. results were clear. attempt to contact ibao's. failed about 50 percent of the time. republican senators six of them. they are alarmed by this . say it is a clear violation of the 2 you law. they wrote, dod's implementation
4:35 pm
. on base voters assistance program is at best a hollow exercise. many of the voters assistance office are inadquate and half of them are closed or unstaffed. the senators say this law is not optional and the defense department needs to act immediately to get in compliance. >> these are sharp observations by the senators and what is the response from the pentagon. >> the pentagon said there is a simple explanation and that the contact information and inspector using was outdated. diagram we have bases that grow . we have other thing that is happen and so in any military environment whether the subject be voting or anything else. phone numbers change and e-mail addresses change. >> secretary panetta has not responded to the senator's letter. but the spokesperson said the secretary will respond to the
4:36 pm
senators directly. harris. >> molly, reporting for us tonight. thank you very much. >> a brawl breaks out in a high school football game . the man trapped as flooduars rise and the man caught. illinois. chaos in a high school football game in chicago with a massive fight in the stands. people including playeros the field running for safety and one man reportedly stabbed . police say someone may have pulled out a gun in the fight that caused panic. they called off the grame and no reports of arrest. >> arizona, monsoon season with a vengeance outside of phoenix. a utility trug stalled . the driver force to climb out and wait on the truck's hood for rescue. it took four men to get to him. everyone made it safety back to
4:37 pm
dry land. roode, rhode island. a driver drove through the front window. >> we were work the car just pulled up and what usually happens, they pull up in the window and he hit the gas instead of the brake. >> no was hurt and now the clean up. >> florida, the force headed to lego land. the amusement park near orlando adding life size characters that will go on display and interactive ones. after all what fun are legos if you can't play. >> the kids can activate and get the smoke and that is a cool interaction. >> luke, i am your father. i couldn't resist.
4:38 pm
that is a fox watch in america. >> president obama's job council and creating much needed jobs in the nation. buts had the president been listening? a report coming up. and going out for a quike bite to eat. we'll look at food prices and where they are expected to go. they are climbing. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan,
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> rush an leaders and moscow rejection of a plan. mrs. clinton expressing hope that congress might repeal sank're sanction against russia if it supports the un efforts. and moscow concern that anyactis government could hurt the interest.
4:42 pm
now we move back to the economy . another troubling find. the recovery is a long way to go. latest jobs number shows that the economy only add 90,000 jobs last month. jobs council is business leaders and have begin him plenty of suggestions . >> we formally established it to get advice.
4:43 pm
mr. obama ignored other recommendation. and the council for sphance called for a territoril tax system and meaning foreign earnings would not be taxed again when they are brought home. the council recommend in january that the u.s. should shift to a territorial system in order to make america more competive in global markets. dell computer is competing in germany with french manufacturer and the u.s. if i weres say del would face a higher tax rate. such a move would bring us in line. they would bring profits home. and in the convention biden ride
4:44 pm
culed the idea. and he calls for a new tax d territory tax. they it is 80,000 new jobs all of them over seas. it is not the message that the president wanted to hear. the u.s. has the highest corporate tax. and governor romney would reduce it. and there would be federal lands . they have reduced perments by 39 percent since 2008. this is one of the reasons he hasn't met with the council but it is embarrassing to say i have a job's council but i ignore
4:45 pm
their advice. the same thing the simpson-bowles commission another idea that the president did not embrace. >> you can expect to pay more for the food you buy very soon. food institute reporting that food inflation will cause the average family of four to pay $351 dollars more next year mostly because of the severe drought gripping the nation. beef prices will be hard hit. costs will go up $44 and costs for dining out expected to rise three and half percent for americans next year. it is our top as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
4:46 pm
>> vietnam 50 people dead and four others are missing. they are trying to illegally gather tin ore from the land mine when it hit. >> and murder case in the french alps moves to the london suburb. there is a family feud between the husband and brother as a motive in the shooting . from utta. preparation underway as tropical storm leslie edges closer. businesses are shutting down and people are flocking to other stores and stocking occupy last minute supplies. leslie before heading to the east of the island tomorrow.
4:47 pm
france, r. nation's president honoring sir paul mccartney. former beatles giving a thumbs up as he receives the honor. others who got it was barbara striesland. and olympics champion with gold around her neck and now a legal heat lite. why she is being sued by her partners . hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
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>> an olympics champion fresh off her win in the london games is being sued by her partners.
4:51 pm
she had the gold sprint and world record time this summer. there on the right highlight now her parents are filing a defamation suit against her and her husband. they say they made statements and painting them as selfish parents. it seeks 25,000 per parent in damages. >> many states will woo them with generous tax breaks. the cities are laying off workers and should billions go to movie studios. >> the avengers are a product of hollywood but that was not where it was filmed. they are big budget major releases though not in tinsel town but new mexico. >> we have great weather and locations and a great crew base
4:52 pm
and infrastructure. >> and 15 million in taxpayer give aways to studios that don't need it. 43 states offer big tax breaks to lure hollywood from hollywood. >> one of the reasons we attract the businesses. very few spend as much money as quickly and broad range of the economy as the film. >> many oppose the subsidy. >> there is study after study to show it is bad economic policy. the return for the taxpayers and public treasury is literally. pennies on the dollar. . it is 15 cents for every they spend. they come to towns . and they get it.
4:53 pm
and there is a california. and 300,000 per job according to the state analyst and yet north carolina said they paid 20,000 to get the hunger games and this controversy is not over. in los angeles fox news. well now. video that you don't see every day on the east coast. a tornado tearing through a new york city neighborhood today . the storm system that spawned this is very much active. watch it stretching up and down the east coast and we'll get the latest on who is in the path of danger right now. that game was awesome last night.
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>> severe weather if you don't. and we are getting start of a start of a nascar sprint cup race was delaid by rain. governor romney was supposed to say gentleman start your engines. but will not do that today. >> that is a good call. there is heavy rain and flash flood warning issued in the raleigh, north carolina area. we are seeing two and half everyones of rain and that will be possible in areas from new england all the way down in the carolinings and we are seeing the severe weather fars tornados diminishing . we have damaging wind gust and isolated tornados and keep that in mind. and others in in addition . and they have been allowed to expire and areas further off east of that and long island still under a tornado watch.
4:58 pm
we are continuing to see the possibility for more severe storms and in affect in new hampshire porgs portion -- portions of massachusetts and connecticut. we are seeing damaging wind gusts. harris, the storm produced widespread damage. and over 200 respects of and that is the area. that will be on the fox news channel. and a personal note. there is a dynamic woman who made a contribution to so many lives. my grandmother queen esther temple. our family gathering in texas where she raised a huge family guided by faith and strong conviction that all things were
4:59 pm
possible. she saw the great depression and nation in recent tough times and to her it was an opportunity for all of us to shine. she believed in the goodness of each of us and our ability to rise up do fantastic things. she loved america and taught my and all of my many causins to never give up and choose kindness over anything else. even when you think no one is watching. i wouldn't be here if not for her. show was our mader . she was 111 years old and i am related to her and show will be low ofed and missed for years to come. that is our fox report. and we want to remind everybody where the watchs and warning are up and down the east coast. and you can see the
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